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Weight During Pregnancy (and Breastfeeding)

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This community is for pregnant women who wish (or need) to talk about weight gain during pregnancy. This community is meant to be a supportive environment for women who have realistic goals and desires during their pregnancies and while breastfeeding. I need to stress that this community is for women with any weight concerns whether it be gaining less than average or more than average. We are all in different places in our lives and most of us worry about weight in one way or another.

Hopefully we can all become good friends and offer a ton of support and encouragement as well as tips and information we may acquire.

Added Feb. 17, 2004 -

As we all need encouragment and an avenue of support and accountability - let's try hard to post what we are actually eating and our goals in relation to our current situation.

For example:


I've been eating junkfood all week. Literally, chocolate bars, brownies, cookies, you name it. So, I would list what I ate for that day. Please feel free to update ANY time. If it is easier to update per meal, do so, if it is easier to update at the end of the day with a daily total, do that.

Then, as often as you feel, state your goal.

You know how Dr. Phil says it all comes in little changes, little steps. Maybe we could state one or two or three things we are going to try to change for the week.

Right now mine looks like this -

- go for a walk at least three days a week
- be more diligent with portion control
- stop ingesting mass quanities of sugar.

How to do the last one is beyond me! Hopefully we can all figure out the answers to these questions and our struggles together.

I'm going to start a list of members with NAME and DUE DATE or BIRTH DATE. (real life name optional) E-mail me with your info!

Sharing your actual weight and weight gain or weight loss is totally optional of course!


LuCynda (roaring_woman) Due July 1, 2004 with number 6.