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09 March 2004 @ 11:36 am
i suck at eating protein you guys! like i eat meat maybe once a day? day before yesterday i had no meat at all, yesterday i had half of a beef patty from my burger, and that was it. Any suggestions? Any sneaky ways i get some protein? thanks. I swear i have like the worst eating habits.

Those of you who are trying to eat everything your supposed to, could you give me some advice, examples of what you eat in a day so i can see what i am missing?

thanks everyone!!
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08 March 2004 @ 05:10 pm
I'm determined to have a good week. It is starting to warm up outside and I hope it sticks around because I really want to get outside and do some yardwork and start going for a walk at least a few times a week.

I am so darned sick I my head is spinning.

So far today I have eaten:

3/4 cups Red River cereal (hot multigrain cereal) with milk and a little brown sugar

1 orange

3/4 cup of chilli

I'm still sitting here trying to figure out what to make for supper. At this point I feel like it will be PB&J because I don't feel like I can cook. I just want to lay down on the couch and die.
05 March 2004 @ 10:05 pm
Since I have that Pampered Chef party tomorrow and my mother in law is hosting it I made a bunch of squares. I know I mentioned that earlier - but not only did I make Lemon Squares, but I also made Brownies with white chocolate chips in them. Yumm.

Now, I don't think it is a problem to eat an occasional brownie or two, but my problem is when I bake I bake MASS quantities of it. (I grew up with nine younger brothers and sisters, it's hard to break the habit of quadrupling everything and beside, my family is getting up there.)

Anyway, the problem with that is that I then have delicious yummy really bad for me baked goods hanging around my house for days and that's all I eat.

Not this time! This time I packaged them up and sent them to the neighbours! Aren't you proud!? That way, I've got the ones I need to take tomorrow and I had a few to myself (small ones) and they are pretty much gone (except what I am leaving behind for the sitter and the kids tomorrow). So I won't binge all week!

One step at a time right!
05 March 2004 @ 03:49 pm
I contemplated posting the recipe for the Lemon Squares I just made but then decided that would be just like my sister in law taking Muddie Buddies to her weekly Tops meeting. (Tops is a weight loss club). If you haven't heard of Muddie Buddies it is Crispix cereal coated with a mixture of melted chocolate and peanut butter then tossed until coated with icing sugar. They are really really good.

Today will be a bad eating day for me so I'm not even going to post it. Just spank me now! I have a Pampered Chef show tomorrow and it's my mother in law and she is an old lady so I'm doing some baking to have extra snacks on hand just in case all of Glenwood shows up. That would be good!!!! Glenwood is a little tiny village I use to live in. No gas station a little piddly "grocery" store that charges like 12$ for a bag of sugar and then you get it home and discover it's been sitting on the shelf for at least 12 years.

Okay, a slight exaggeration but honestly - it's only a SLIGHT one. I had a chocolate bar from there once. My hubby warned me (he grew up there) but I argued and told him there was no way a store would be allowed to keep stuff stocked long enough for a chocolate bar to be "bad" - but it WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish me luck tomorrow! I've done about 1700$ in sales from three shows - pretty good eh? I got my bonus pack of products - they haven't come yet - but I've earned them. That is the 9x13 rectangular baker (like a casserole dish), an oven mitt, large serving spatula, serrated bread knife, Easy Accent decorator, cake decorating stencils, chillzone bowls (they are really cool) and a couple of other things I can't remember. That is over 300$ worth of products!

If I do another 1500$ within the next 30 days I will get another bonus pack of products - the Deluxe Slice and Grate (which I'm dying for), bowls/colandar set (which I need since Cam melted my big colandar on top the stove) and the Can opener (which I need because mine is breaking).

I have six shows booked between now and then so I'm confident I will make it.
05 March 2004 @ 02:58 pm
Hey! I "know" a bunch of you from over at pregnant. I've thought about joining over here, but never really convinced myself... until my drs appt yesterday, where the nurse practitioner told me I'd gained 5 or 6 lbs over the past month, and she'd "prefer" 3-4. (I'm 22wks, btw) I hadn't for a second guessed that I'd be over my ideal weight gain! Sure, I don't eat healthily all the time, but I also only snack during the day, and only have one real meal at dinnertime! Sigh. This pregnancy is SOOOO different from my first, in SOOOO many ways, and I'm desperate to get everything right, since I don't really have much support here in Iowa except my fiance. The other bad thing for me is, I have pretty low blood pressure and I'm prone to dizziness, so the doctors actually *told* me to eat lots of salty foods, which I'd cut waaaaaaaaaay back on for the longest time! So, I pack in the chips and pretzles, without hardly an ounce of guilt, only joy at being able to stand up without falling over. Also, when I DO start to feel guilty, though, those are the first things I cut out... which of course sets me right back on that vicious cycle of dizziness & misery. So, I guess that's it for an introduction. Now, I'm gonna list my food intake for yesterday and today, and sit back & let you laugh.

Yesterday, "breakfast" - a few cookies and a granola bar
Yesterday, snack - some baby carrots and an apple,
Yesterday, lunch - a grilled cheese sandwich, french fries, and a small bag of sour cream & onion chips
Yesterday, snack - some olives
Yesterday, dinner - 3 slices of frozen pizza, some pineapple chunks, a glass of water, and my pre-natal vitamin.
Yesterday, dessert - a root beer float bar

Today, breakfast - 2 toaster pastries (fake pop-tarts)
Today, "lunch" - a cinnamon raisin scone and an apple
(that's all so far. it's 3pm and I'm starving, but I'm at work.)
04 March 2004 @ 04:34 pm

banana for breakfast
bowl of popcorn & a cup of yogurt for lunch
spaghetti w/ cheese for dinner

and i think thats it -- wierd how im not as hungry anymore

today i had the rest of the spaghetti for breakfast/lunch, another cup of yogurt & a piece of fruit leather. was craving chocolate so bad that i munched on some chocolate chips. yeah im terrible but what else is a girl on bedrest supposed to do when she has cravings that bad LOL

~Mistress Draven
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04 March 2004 @ 12:30 pm
I've been feeling so crappy physically and drained mentally.

Anyway - What have I eaten today????

1 bowl of Special K
1 handful of Life cereal (because I've never had it before and wanted to try it)
1 orange

1 cheese sandwhich on 60% whole wheat with lite miracle whip

I will probably have a banana and a slice of bread and butter after I have a shower.

Haven't thought up supper yet. It's Cam's dish night so it has to be something really easy. Maybe I will make KD and hotdogs or something. Probably.

Man I just absolutely adore kids food. I am so thrilled about the thought of making hot dogs for supper. I die for kids meals. (sarcasm).

Once, when I was pregnant with Cody, I ate 12 hotdogs just because I was craving mustard so bad. I didn't eat them in a bun, just dipped them straight into mustard. I'm sick aren't I? I can't even imagine eating 12 hotdogs. I would barf. What the heck was I thinking back then!?
02 March 2004 @ 09:20 pm
oddly enough i really wasnt very hungry today

ate my morning bowl of cereal & went back to sleep
had a can of campbells vegtable soup & a couple pieces of toast w/ PB&J for lunch

for a snack i had a piece of fruit leather, an apple & an orange

dinner was a 2-egg cheese omlette

crap i forgot to take my meds & vitamins - -must do that now

got weighed tonight at my drs appointment and im at 182lbs. not really sure how much i weighed before i was pregnant but the last time i remember weighing myself at work after i was knowingly pregnant was either 174 or 176lbs - so that would be less than 10 lbs. not bad for looking like a beached whale.

~Mistress Draven
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01 March 2004 @ 09:30 pm
breakfast - cereal w/ milk

lunch - 2 pieces of day old pizza (mushrooms, light sauce & cheese)
1 banana
1 pear

snack - 2 chocolate cookies & a fruit leather

dinner - pork chops, rice & broccoli w/ mushroom sauce

snack - 2 oranges & a strawberry yogurt

quite well for today i might add -- i even remembered to take all of my meds & vitamins all by myself

~Mistress Draven
01 March 2004 @ 10:43 am
yesterday i had lunch at 430, went to hooters had a bbq pork sandwich and a few fries. dinner at 9 was 2 pancakes with syrup. i think i should have eaten better yesterday.

today for breakfast i had one piece of toast with apple butter, and one pancake with syrup and a cup of milk.

i don't think i've gained any weight in the past month. everytime i weigh myself i expect to be over 150. but i keep coming in at at like 148-149. I read that since i am beginning my last tri-mester i should expect to gain like 11 pounds between now and then.

Is it possible to not gain anymore? maybe i gained all my weight in the beginning of the pregnancy?
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