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19 March 2004 @ 11:22 am
i'm a fatty  
So i have to go on a diet.
and walk around and stuff.

doc says.

SO. my new rules. No junk food. Nothing with corn syrup as an ingredient. Minimal starches. No sugars or artificial sugars. Only natural sugars. No instant tea. Only water and 100% juice if i want something with flavor. No coffee. No starbucks. only decaf free coffee from work black. No candy. Only fruit and raw veggies. I'm tempted to give up all the yogurt cuz it has more sugar than i'd like but i bought a bunch of them and they have to be eaten by a certain date. like 7 days after the sell by date. plus i need calcium. No sugary cereals. nothing artificially colored or brightly colored.

My blood pressure was good. 108/60 i think she said. i dunno whats normal but she seemed content with it. so i'm like cool.

heartbeat was 140 and steady.

i'm 30 weeks and i haven't picked out a pediatrician. So we must do that.

She asked about birth classes or parent classes something like that. We haven't signed up for anything i told her. she says what are you going to do when you go into labor? i was like go to the hospital. she was like no, we have you wait a few hours before you do that. what will you do in the mean time? i was like deal with it. she didn't like that answer. I'm the kind of person who deals with things as they come. I don't really care to have things planned out i'd rather wing it. i have faith that things will work out and i'll get through whatever. I have so far. shit.

So she recommended we read a book by sears and sears, called the birth book. i don't have much time to read. i barely have enough time to eat and make dinner before 11 at night. thats just how it is.

So i have a lot to do i guess as far as preparing for the birth of this boy. she asked if we were going to get him clipped. i said yeah sure. i dont' have much opinion about it, i just know the majority of guys i have "seen" are clipped and so let's do it.

So that was my doc appointment.

X-posted cuz i can do that.
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buttercup_99buttercup_99 on June 21st, 2004 08:34 am (UTC)
Yup, that's a good blood pressure reading esp. if your weight is an issue. 120/80 is normal. I'm going to have to watch mine very close since it tends to run high. Good luck watching the food. It can be really tough I know.